The EURES TMS offers allowances to cover the costs arising from attending the interviews you may be invited to. The measure consists of a flat-rate financial contribution towards travel and accommodation costs (including travel insurance) and a daily subsistence allowance (DSA).

The contribution towards travel and accommodation costs varies depending on the distance between your home country and the country where the
interview is scheduled to take place:

  • 0-50 km: no travel/accommodation reimbursement available
  • 50-250 km: € 110
  • 250-500 Km: € 275
  • 500 Km: € 385

The DSA is a flat-rate contribution towards meals, local transport, telecommunications (as well as other expenses) which varies depending on the duration of the journey:

  • half a day in the host country: daily allowance of € 27
  • one day in the host country: daily allowance of € 55 for a maximum of 5 days

The trip / relocation should not be funded by the Employer, to avoid double funding!
For more information about the project and/or the financial benefits, please contact us!

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Supplementary interview allowance

The EURES TMS can provide a supplementary interview allowance, which is designed to tackle any extraordinary expenditures candidates may face when attending interviews (in another country or in another city within your country) with registered employers. The measure is additional to the standard interview allowance and consists of a financial support of up to € 550.

The supplementary interview allowance is only available to:

  • participants with disabilities
  • participants from disadvantaged backgrounds (social/economic condition, temporary economic or social inclusion difficulties, e.g., long term unemployed, candidates from welfare/ care institutions, ethnic minorities, other)
  • participants coming from the EU’s outermost regions
  • participants coming from EU/EEA peripheral countries