NEA is an executive agency to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy for the implementation of the government policy on employment promotion. The NEA is lead and represented by an Executive Director, whose activity is supported by an Executive Director Council comprised of representatives from the nationally represented employers’ organizations and those of workers and employees. The Executive Director is supported of two Deputy Executive Directors. NEA Administration is general and specialized and is structured in 8 Directorates and two General Directorates. The General Directorate « Employment Services » includes the Agency’s territorial structures, organized in 9 Regional Employment Service Directorates (RESD) and 107 Labour Office Directorates (LOD) With the aim of facilitating the service for unemployed and employers most LOD have established 146 filials. In terms of strategic goals, NEA short-term goal is to increase employment and decrease unemployment, while long-term goal is to support the increasing of economic activity and population work potential. NEA conducts its activities within the corresponding legal framework (The Act on Employment Promotion, Labour Code etc.). Services provided by NEA to job seekers are: mediation services for searching jobs; proposing to the clients professional guidance; qualification and motivation training; involving in relevant programs and measures for employment.

NEA provides mediation services to Bulgarian citizens seeking job abroad following enforced international agreements and contracts. The foreigners can work in the Republic of Bulgaria after they have obtained work permission by NEA. AS regards the employers, NEA offers the following services: mediation services for hiring of the appropriated job candidates; personnel training; referring the employers towards suitable programs and employment measures and using benefits respectively.

NEA has participated, as a partner organization, to « Your first EURES job » project of German International Placement Service of the Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV); as a co-applicant to YfEj 5.0 and YfEj 6.0 projects leaded by the Italian EURES National Coordination Office.

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