The TMS community

EURES TMS has invisaged the creation of a community of candidates, selected within the framework of a job, traineeship, or apprenticeship offer, who are in the process of moving or have just moved to the destination Country.

The community is conceived as a dedicated space for learning and mutual support, where you can help each other and discuss with other participants and EURES TMS Advisers.

What can you do?

You canask questions, tell experiences, propose solutions and give advice. The community is a place to help each other, share the results and goals achieved, so to learn together.

If you are registered on EURES TMS platform, and you are starting a selection process or you have just been hired, you can become part of the community!

You will be contacted directly by a Community manager. Once you have received the invitation by email, you can join the Facebook group. You will be asked briefly who you are and agree to the group rules.