• be located in a EU Member State and/or Iceland and Norway, other than the country of residence of the jobseeker, trainee or apprentice

  • be subject to open and transparent information on the rights and obligations of the worker/trainee/apprentice, the employer, etc.

  • be clear about job details, candidate’s profile requirements and contractual conditions 

  • comply with national labour and social protection laws and ensure adequate protection both for workers and trainees or apprentices (e.g. social security, health and accident insurance, etc.)

  • ensure remuneration and a written contractual relationship

  • have a minimum duration of 6 months (for regular jobs and apprenticeships) and 3 months (traineeships)

  • be a full time or part-time work placement (no less than 50%)

  • guarantee the minimum quality standards required for work-based learning placements (traineeships and apprenticeships)

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