What are the advantages from applying to EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS)?

  • EU wide, multilingual, human network of EURES TMS Advisers available

  • Free dedicated services combining information, recruitment, matching and placement support, EU financial benefits (for SMEs)

  • EU wide CV database

  • No economic sector limitation

  • No geographical limitation (all EURES TMS countries)

  • Filling hard to fill vacancies and addressing labour market imbalances

  • Getting information, advice and support to host European workers

  • Networking with EU employer and facing together the pandemic crisis

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Integration programme

A SME hiring a worker from another country involved in the EURES TMS for a job, a traineeship or an apprenticeship, can ask for financial support (flat-rate) contributing to the costs of an “integration programme”. An integration programme entails the provision of induction training (job-related training and/or language course), combined with other post-placement support (such as administrative support and resettlement assistance), with the aim of easing the integration into the new work-based experience.
The fixed amount is based on the country of destination and the programme provided.