Paris square

Alberto and Leonidas

“For those like me who want to work in the promotion of cultural heritage, this experience abroad with YfEj is something that ‘sets you apart’ and is, above all, essential because only by working away from home, you can know the international market and other cultures”

Malta landscape

Maria Elena’s Smile

The YfEj Adviser who was following me, contacted me to find out how the interview had gone and continued to give me timely information on all activities: fortunately I have been tutored by an extraordinary person who helped me for a few months so as to facilitate my integration.

view vineyard

The mobility of ideas

... we strongly believe in people’s mobility. YfEj 6.0 is an initiative that favors the field of research. This field relies greatly on the mobility of workers, because 'worker mobility' means 'mobility of ideas'.

Sea landscape in Sweden Varberg

Tie your shoes well and leave!

Thanks to this job mobility project, I have made new friends all over Europe, and I have established an excellent relationship with employers.

Berlino city monument

I realized my dream of working in Berlin.

I think that the context in which to look for job opportunities for my generation is no longer our city or our country - he tells us -, the right context is Europe.

View of Madrid from above

Fabio in Madrid

Changing life, recreating a context, means using all your willpower: my advice is therefore not to be afraid, but rather challenge your fears and when this happens, things can only go well!