Top EURES employer label (TEmpL) is an initiative of the EURES National Coordination Office (NCO) Italy. This label award is given to employer that meet specific European quality standards.
There are many advantages for employer who obtain the label:

  • be included in a list of Top Employer published on the project portal

  • be labeled so that workers can see it in your company profile and in your vacancies, allowing you to attract the best candidates

  • be invited as testimonial to events and seminars promoted by EURES and the European Commission

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In order to receive the TEmpL you should participate to the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) with at least one qualified work-based experience (job, traineeship, apprenticeship). Employers that meet the requirements can be indicated by project Advisers to the EURES NCO Italy.

The TEmpL criteria are the following
(the employer must have at least 4 of the listed criteria):

  • The number of trainees working in the company (at the contract date) is proportional to the total number of workers
  • Information on the number of trainees hired as workers in the previous year
  • Circumstances and conditions paving the way for contract renewal
  • Additional benefits (food services or meal vouchers, transportation costs)
  • Welfare services (childcare services and work-life balance tools) and other services (i.e., smart working)
  • Proper recognition, attestation with final declaration highlighting the learning outcomes and clear reference to the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) profile
  • Offering an Integration program (with the project contribution or at the employer’s expense) or welcome/housing assistance
  • Hiring workers belonging to vulnerable groups
  • Engagement to hire trainee placed through EURES TMS