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Targeted Mobility Scheme

EURES – Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) is an action promoting professional mobility in another EU country, Norway and Iceland.

EURES TMS provides EU jobseeker (s) and employer with a set of dedicated services to find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship opportunity and to find motivated and qualified workers.

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promoting professional mobility
cooperation between workers

EURES TMS allows jobseeker (s) and workers to exercise their right to freedom of movement across the EU. Allows employer to find the profiles they are looking. Addresses labour market needs and imbalances.

EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services, launched in 1994 to facilitate the free movement of workers and covering all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

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guy looking canvas Parigi

“This experience abroad with YfEj is something that’ sets you apart’ and is essential to know the international market and other cultures”

Alberto, Communication internship

girl work experience Malta

“I have been tutored by an extraordinary person who helped me for few months and facilitate my integration”

MARIA ELENA, Dental practice

girl work experience in Amburg

“My choice of mobile worker in Europe it is not only an experience for me, but an added value for my employer”

M. FRANCESCA, Pedagogist


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