I have already identified a European worker that I would like to hire. Can I benefit from EURES TMS financial support?2021-11-11T12:35:52+00:00

It is not possible to benefit from EURES TMS financial support (neither for the employer or the jobseeker) if the recruitment has not been carried out through EURES Network or EURES TMS project. 

In more detail:

  • if you have already hired, you cannot access the project and relative benefits, but you can register to be supported in future recruitments
  • if you are still recruitment/pre-selection process, you can register on the platform and a project Adviser will support you
I am a public company: may I hire through EURES TMS?2021-06-14T14:29:14+00:00

All legally established businesses can participate. Placement with European institutions and bodies, international organisations (such as the UN, OECD, Council of Europe) and supra-national regulatory bodies and agencies are not eligible.

I am an organisation financed mainly by European funds: can I participate in the EURES TMS project?2021-06-14T14:30:37+00:00

Organisations funded mainly or exclusively with EU funds cannot recruit through the project. If, on the other hand, you receive EU funds but not predominantly, you can certainly participate.

I am an agency that hires workers directly and I would like to participate in the project. In the registration form I was asked to accept the “non-profit principle”. What does this mean?2021-06-14T14:30:18+00:00

The no-profit principle means that the purpose or effect of grants (financial benefits) cannot be to generate profit from the action or work programme implemented by the employer. The involvement in the project of Employment Services acting as employers (including EURES public and private members/partners) must comply with the rules stated in the official EURES TMS guidelines and in the relevant Call for proposal.

Can I participate in the project if I have more than 250 employees?2021-06-14T14:31:26+00:00

Large-sized companies and other organisations which do not fall within the definition of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) as well as employment services acting as employers, (e.g. temporary work agencies, recruitment agencies, etc., irrespective of the size of the organisations) can participate in the EURES TMS project as potential employers, but without any TMS financial support.

Can I apply to the benefit integration programme if my organisation is a work agency/recruitment agency with fewer than 250 employees?2021-07-19T10:59:10+00:00

If temporary work agencies and recruitment agencies acting as employer – SME provide evidence that in their business they do not offer any integration and mentoring services, they can take part in the EURES TMS project and benefit from funding support.

I would like to invite a candidate to a job interview in the city where my company/organisation is based: how can I do that?2021-07-19T10:53:37+00:00

You must invite him/her through the platform. If it is an onsite interview, there is a financial contribution that varies according to the days spent in the city where the interview is held and the distance. To offer this benefit to the candidate, it is necessary to fill in the Job Interview invitation form available in your dashboard.

I have hired a worker/trainee/apprentice through the project and would like to offer him/her induction training and/or other post-placement services. Can I benefit from financial support from the project?2021-06-14T14:33:14+00:00

Yes, the project offers a financial support to cover the costs of an integration programme for recruited candidates organised and provided by SMEs. The financial support depends on the country in which the employer is based and the complexity of the integration programme (basic or comprehensive).

What is the financial support for SMEs providing integration programme?2021-06-14T14:33:55+00:00

The project provides you with a financial support for the training and services that you might offer to the new recruited participants in the project. The training programme must be commenced during the employee/trainee/apprentice’s initial 3 weeks of works. There are not any specific duration requirements, however you have to offer a realistic training plan in order to achieve the participants expected learning outcomes. The financial support depends on the country in which the employer is based and the complexity of the integration programme (basic or comprehensive).

What is the difference between basic Integration programme and comprehensive one?2021-06-14T14:34:31+00:00

The difference depends on to the number of training modules foreseen by the programme:

  1. the basic introduction training includes only one learning component, as job-related training or a language course without administrative or settlement facilitation
  2. the comprehensive induction training consists of the provision of at least one training module (e.g. language courses, training visits, mentoring, technical and professional training), combined with administrative support and settlement facilitation
Can I delegate an agency to sign a request for financial support for the Integration programme on my behalf?2021-06-14T14:36:21+00:00

It is not possible to delegate an agency to sign the application form required to obtain a benefit, but you can appoint one of your employees as a signing delegate and project contact person. Remember to fill in the “delegation form” available in your dashboard and upload it to the platform.

Can I delegate a project adviser to sign benefit application forms?2021-06-14T14:37:09+00:00

No, you cannot delegate a project Adviser to sign application forms. You can delegate your Adviser only to carry out the platform procedures related to the selection of jobseekers, through the dedicated function in your dashboard.

How can I entrust my Adviser with the filling in of the vacancy and the management of the selections for the vacancies on the platform?2021-06-14T14:37:42+00:00

In order to delegate the Adviser, you need to open the “associated Advisers” box in your dashboard, tick the name of your Adviser, then click on “assign delegation”. From this moment on, you project Adviser will be enabled to operate on your behalf in the platform. Remember that you cannot delegate your Adviser to sign applications for financial support.

I am a SME registered in EURES TMS platform and I would like to apply for the integration programme. What is the maximum annual amount I can get for offering integration programmes to new hires?2022-02-21T10:54:21+00:00

Any SME recruiting mobile workforce in the framework of EURES TMS project, over a period of one fiscal / calendar year, and providing them with at least basic induction training, is entitled to get financial support equivalent to the number of employees, trainees, or apprentices actually placed up to the threshold of EUR 30 000 per year.

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