The partners

The partners2022-02-18T11:39:19+00:00

Project coordinator: ANPAL – National Agency for Active Labour Market Policies – EURES NCO (IT)

ANPAL is in charge of coordinating employment services in Italy and. the policies aimed at integrating training, education and employment. It supports activities to promote the matching between labour supply and demand and It is responsible for National programs co-financed by the ESF and by the Youth Employment Initiative.
ANPAL hosts the Italian EURES National Coordination Office, in charge to guarantee the implementation of the Regulation (EU) n. 589/2016 at National level.

The Italian EURES NCO has been Lead applicant of Targeted Mobility Scheme “Your First EURES Job” since 2013 and of European Solidarity Corps from 2017 to 2019.

ANPAL – National Agency for Active Labour Market Policies – EURES NCO (IT)2021-04-20T15:25:57+00:00

The Italian EURES NCO will be in charge of coordinating the implementation of the project activities:

  • managing and monitoring the project budget and financial issues
  • providing regular support to the co-applicants and associates and monitoring the Action
  • helping partners to implement the Action (recruitment, matching and placement services as well as financial incentives), supporting cooperation and mutual learning process
  • setting up a central help desk to support EAs and Consortium advisers on EURES TMS eligibility rules, platform functioning, quality of offers, data requests
  • assuring a 2nd level control on the benefits requests foreseen by the project
  • authorising the payment of the requested financial benefits and supporting measures

ANPAL – EURES NCO will coordinates the implementation of effective networking, communications and outreach action in order to raise awareness and understanding about and improve the image of the Action itself. Through its regional, provincial and metropolitan PES and the EURES Network, ANPAL will carry out the contact point activities and the recruitment, matching and placement activities for regular jobs/traineeships/apprenticeships.

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National Employment Agency/Агенция По Заетостта/EURES NCO (BG)2021-09-06T09:01:49+00:00

NEA is an executive agency to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy for the implementation of the government policy on employment promotion. The NEA is lead and represented by an Executive Director, whose activity is supported by an Executive Director Council comprised of representatives from the nationally represented employers’ organizations and those of workers and employees. The Executive Director is supported of two Deputy Executive Directors. NEA Administration is general and specialized and is structured in 8 Directorates and two General Directorates. The General Directorate “Employment Services” includes the Agency’s territorial structures, organized in 9 Regional Employment Service Directorates (RESD) and 107 Labour Office Directorates (LOD) With the aim of facilitating the service for unemployed and employers most LOD have established 146 filials. In terms of strategic goals, NEA short-term goal is to increase employment and decrease unemployment, while long-term goal is to support the increasing of economic activity and population work potential. NEA conducts its activities within the corresponding legal framework (The Act on Employment Promotion, Labour Code etc.). Services provided by NEA to job seekers are: mediation services for searching jobs; proposing to the clients professional guidance; qualification and motivation training; involving in relevant programs and measures for employment.

NEA provides mediation services to Bulgarian citizens seeking job abroad following enforced international agreements and contracts. The foreigners can work in the Republic of Bulgaria after they have obtained work permission by NEA. AS regards the employers, NEA offers the following services: mediation services for hiring of the appropriated job candidates; personnel training; referring the employers towards suitable programs and employment measures and using benefits respectively.

NEA has participated, as a partner organization, to “Your first EURES job” project of German International Placement Service of the Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV); as a co-applicant to YfEj 5.0 and YfEj 6.0 projects leaded by the Italian EURES National Coordination Office.

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Department of Labour – Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance/EURES NCO (CY)2021-09-06T09:03:49+00:00

The Cyprus Department of Labour and EURES Cyprus has started its involvement in the YFEJ activities since 2015. Since then, EURES Cyprus has been involved in the YFEJ 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 under the Italian Consortium and in 2016 it was also involved as a partner in the German Consortium. Fulfilling our obligations under the above-mentioned projects we: 

  • provide information to target groups about services and financial benefits provided
  • produce information and promotion material
  • intermediate in the recruitment, matching and placement process as part of our EURES day to day services
  • organise workshop/seminars/presentations to various target groups
  • actively participate to consortium meetings
  • submit all necessary documentation, gather data and support the consortium leaders.

The Department of Labour, part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance of the Republic of Cyprus, is responsible for the issues of employment, including equality between men and women. 

The Public Employment Services of the Department of Labour engage in a variety of activities. Its main goal is to promote employment in Cyprus by contributing to the effective functioning of the Cyprus labour market through the provision of placement services, the filling of vacancies, the provision of vocational guidance to all its clients and the reference of job seekers to available training programmes and employment opportunities. Another main goal of the Department is the prevention of unemployment among vulnerable groups of people through the utilization of effective active employment labour measures (people with disabilities, welfare recipients, long term unemployed, ex-convicts etc.).

Under the authority of the Department of Labour and the PES operate the following European Networks: Euroguidance Network, European Employment Services (EURES) and the European Lifelong Learning Policy Network.

The Cyprus Department of Labour and EURES Cyprus NCO will be responsible for the dissemination of information, guidance and training of all EURES Advisers (PES and Partners) and will provide the necessary training and re-start of the services we are providing to jobseekers and employers based on the TMS. The EURES NCO will also plan and organise information days for Jobseekers, Students and Employers. The EURES Advisers will be responsible to guide and inform clients in the PES, while EURES Advisers at Partners Organisations will be ready and trained to provide all necessary “firsthand” information for interested clients. However, all prospective clients will be directed to a PES EURES adviser for further handling.

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SEPE – Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal – SEPE (ES)2021-09-06T09:05:47+00:00

The EURES Network in Spain includes the SEPE (Spanish National Employment Service) as National PES (where the EURES SPAIN NCO is), and the partners which are the seventeen Public Employment Services of the Spanish autonomous regions. The SEPE and by this means, EURES Spain, has been co-applicant of the last two YfEj-TMS call for Proposals, where Italy was lead-applicant. The EURES Advisers know the YFEJ/REACTIVATE programs and they can inform, support and guide all the jobseekers that are willing to move and work abroad, as well as all the companies that are willing to hire a Spanish worker or workers from abroad.

The SEPE (Spanish Public Employment Service) is an autonomous Public Body under the tutelage of the Work, Migrations and Social Security Ministry, created to contribute in the development of employment policies, to manage the unemployment protection system, to ensure labour market information, aimed to the incorporation and permanency of citizens in the workforce, and to the improvement of the companies’ human capital through the collaboration of the Autonomous Public Employment Services, EURES network and other workplace agents.

  • Contribute to the development of the employment policies: assisting on the preparation of Spanish Strategy for Employment´s draft; elaborating law proposals; organizing, executing and monitoring programs related to the labor market and linking them with unemployment protection measures.
  • Manage the unemployment protection system: being responsible for the agile and efficient management of the economic benefits related to unemployment protection of citizens.
  • Ensure information: promoting the provision of information systems about the labour market, to provide tailored satisfaction to the citizens, the enterprises and the third sector needs regarding the labour market situation.
  • Collaboration: encouraging and promoting collaboration among the players of the employment environment. Related to labour mobility in Europe, among Regional Public Employment Services and the EURES network.

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PÔLE EMPLOI / EURES NCO (FR)2021-09-06T09:09:16+00:00

Under the authority of the French Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue and in close relationship with the General Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training (DGEFP) which is in charge of the design and the implementation of the political guidelines in the field of Employment and vocational training, Pôle emploi is a key player in the French labour market. Its role, as the Public Employment Agency, is to help the unemployed find work and support companies with tailored solutions for their recruitment needs. Pôle relies on a simplified service offer and on a network of partners operating across the country in line with local needs.

Pole emploi is EURES National Coordination Office (NCO) for France and already experienced both Your First EURES Job (YFEJ) and Reactivate mobility schemes as project leader from 2016 to 2019.

Pôle emploi provides support for jobseekers in their job search and endeavours to meet the recruitment needs of employers. The main missions are:

  • Receipt & support. Pôle emploi receipts and provides information, guidance and support to those seeking employment, training or career counselling, regardless of their employment status; facilitate their geographic and professional mobility as well as their social and professional integration
  • Prospect and match. Pôle emploi is an expert of the labour market, monitoring its development as closely as possible. It collects job offers from companies, advises them on their recruitment and puts them in contact with applicants
  • Register and monitor. Pôle emploi maintains an up-to-date list of jobseekers in order to monitor job search in France
  • Pay benefits. On behalf of the unemployment insurance scheme (Unédic) and the State, Pôle emploi pays benefits to entitled claimants
  • Control the data. Pôle emploi gathers, processes, disseminates and provides a vast set of data
  • Implement public policies. Pôle emploi implements all actions related to its mission.

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UWV WERKBEDRIJF / EURES NCO (NL)2021-09-06T09:11:12+00:00

The Dutch PES is responsible for free movement of workers, supported by EURES. This is a delegated responsibility from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. This means that PES has years of experience with the development, operation and evaluation of EURES projects. One of the national objectives of the PES is the support of older unemployed job seekers. The PES has many years of experience of supporting this target group: from 2013 job seekers over 55 are offered group trainings, schooling vouchers, tailor-made advice and more. As EURES the Netherlands is part of the Dutch PES the Dutch EURES advisers work together with their PES colleagues to actively support jobseekers over 55 finding work across the Dutch borders.

UWV Werkbedrijf – the Dutch PES: for employees with an occupational disability the Public Employment Service provides reimbursement for facilities. Jobseekers can turn to the Public Employment Service to apply for unemployment benefits or welfare benefits, in particular those who are disabled, over 56 years and those claiming unemployment or labour capacity benefits. Employers can turn to the Public Employment Service for help with publishing and filling vacancies and for dismissal permits and work permits where no residence permit is required. 

EURES the Netherlands is part of UWV Werkbedrijf. EURES is a European network whose purpose is to facilitate the right to free movement of workers. EURES’ clients are jobseekers, employees and employers who are interested in working or recruiting in another European country affiliated with the EURES network. The main focus of EURES the Netherlands is on the added value of the European labour market, i.e., placement and recruitment projects for Dutch job seekers and Dutch employers with hard to fill vacancies.

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IEFP – Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, I.P./EURES NCO (PT)2021-09-06T09:15:10+00:00

IEFP, IP is the Portuguese PES and its mission is to promote the creation and quality of employment and to tackle unemployment, through the implementation of ALM policies, including vocational training. IEFP, IP is the NCO in Portugal and has since 1993/94 been implementing EURES annual Activity Plans which have included specific activities and projects related to EU/EEA-mobility promotion, where Portugal is the main player. 

EURES Portugal has participated, as co-applicant, in the YfEj projects led by Sweden and by Italy and in the TMS project lead by Sweden, promoting its use, specially towards the unemployed (Portuguese, or living in Portugal) through the EURES Portugal website and the EURES Portugal social media accounts. It has also organized oriented workshops, info sessions and job day events for the particular target groups while delivering advisory services to jobseekers involved in EURES matching and recruitment activities on the possible financial supports available.

EURES Portugal main objectives: turning the European labour market more transparent, open and accessible to all, namely by identifying and suppressing the remaining formal obstacles to transnational and cross border mobility; promoting the placement of EU/EEA jobseekers, via workers’ transnational and/or cross border mobility; ensuring information and advice services on European labour markets situation and trends and European countries’ living and working conditions. 

EURES Portugal main activities are: transnational /cross border placement / recruitment activities, including job vacancy advertising / handling and pre-matching services; employment or mobility-related Job Fairs and other events; Jobseekers’ personalized info and 1st level advice on all aspects related to preparing a mobility project; employers’ specific advice on job profiles description and aspects to have into account in integration packages such as complementary supports to placement, selection/recruitment and integration; info & training sessions on EURES and mobility issues; info sharing on EU/EEA labour markets and most required skills in Europe.

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National Agency of Employment /Agentia Nationala Pentru Ocuparea Fortei De Munca/EURES NCO (RO)2021-09-06T09:12:13+00:00

ANOFM, a public institution established as a legal person under the authority of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, is organised and function based on the tripartite principle, being led by a Managing Board made up of 15 members, respectively 5 members representing the Government, appointed by Decision of the Prime Minister, 5 members appointed by way of consensus by the trade union confederations representative at national level, 5 members appointed by way of consensus by the employers’ confederation representative at national level. 

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CLL Centres de Langues asbl (BE)2021-09-06T09:12:49+00:00

Since its creation by the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve in 1984, CLL has given a communicative, oral and interactive approach to language teaching, primarily based upon the individual needs of the learners. Each year, CLL teaches 37 languages to 35.000 learners for a total of 150.000 training hours in one of its training centres (Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Liège and Luxembourg) or online through our dedicated platform Visiagora. Our leaners are of various profiles, going from kids to adults, from general public to businesses as well as institution and unemployment offices.

Our aim is to provide the learners with the right solution based upon their needs, motivation and personal goals. Language learning can only be as effective as the motivation to carry it out. CLL’s pedagogical approach allows the learners to take control of their own language journey. At CLL, we guarantee: a warm welcome; good, sound advice; and excellent service; an accurate assessment of the initial linguistic level; classes that are taught by highly qualified and competent teachers who have direct pedagogical supervision and participate actively in ongoing professional development.

CLL is the first Belgian school accredited by Eaquals, the European Association for the Quality of Language Services. For the eigth time in a row, in 2020, CLL’s quality approach was also rewarded with the Qfor label, certifying the quality of training organisations. To obtain this label, CLL passed an extensive audit that verified management satisfaction, use of processes and resources, and proof of the quality of its service delivery.

CLL participated as co-applicant to Reactivate project leaded by CmRC. In the EURES TMS project, CLL will supports the delivery of “direct mechanism language training” and contribute to the development of flexible online programs; delivers individual live online language classes, self-paced learning (e-learning) and provides training management tools; supports the delivery of “direct mechanism preparatory training” (language and preparatory training”.

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K MILIOS AND SIA OE – DIAN (GR)2021-09-06T09:13:11+00:00

DIAN is a private organisation aimed at ensuring the development and the implementation of courses and other training activities to improve the competitiveness of adults in the work market, the promotion of the skills of graduates, aiming to help them to have contacts with business, the participation in EU projects related with training and culture and the publication of books on education and training.

During the last three years our organisation has participated in the Mobi-Pro project, funded by the German Government. The activities of the project were: to offer intensive German language courses for 6 months in Greece, to offer Vocational Education in Germany, to offer practical training in collaboration with private companies. 

DIAN collaborates with Chambers of Commerce and Industry at national level and with Universities and Vocational training providers at European level.

During last years DIAN has participated as co-Applicant in YfEj 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 and European Solidarity Corps projects, leaded by ANPAL, and in the 3 editions of Reactivate project, leaded by CmRC.

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CMRC – Città Metropolitana Roma Capitale (IT)2021-09-06T09:04:47+00:00

The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital (CmRC) is a local authority created in 2014 to replace the Province of Rome (instituted on 15th October 1870).

The main institutional aims of the Metropolitan City of Rome are:

  • the care of the strategic development of the metropolitan territory
  • the promotion and integrated management of services, infrastructures and communication networks of interest to the metropolitan city
  • the care of institutional relations at its level, including those with European cities and metropolitan areas.

The Dept. V of the CmRC, carries out activities related to EU job-mobility since 2012.

Fostering a direct link between skills and the labour market has never been more imperative than in today’s highly skilled marketplace. To solidify this connection the Metropolitan City of Rome has been promoting a series of actions in three strategic areas: ensuring extensive guidance programs to support young and adults through their education and upskilling/reskilling paths; creating networks between the private sector, university and vocational training programs; mobility programs to enhance career opportunities, and internationalisation. Through its structures located in Rome and the whole metropolitan area, the Dept. V of the CmRC provides a wide range of services with the support of its fully owned agency Capitale Lavoro (the in-house providing company of the CmRC).

The highly flexible tool kit of services customized to an individual’s needs and the integration of service components allows for a nimble, responsive suite of service options that are truly client centric.

CmRC  has been partnering with ANPAL – EURES NCO Italy as coapplicant for the YfEJ 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 editions.

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FGB-Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini srl SB (IT)2021-09-06T09:02:50+00:00

FGB-Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini srl is a research centre developing, applying and disseminating evidence-based policy design, delivery and evaluation at all governance levels, training and empowering skills and employment policies for people. 

FGB – Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini srl is a research centre inspired by the principles of Labour and social inclusion, welfare promotion, territorial cohesion, sustainability and technological innovation to boost economic growth, attention to the environment, access to employment through new skills, gender and cultural diversity and respect for fundamental human rights, participation for local development. FGB provides services and consultancy for the analysis and evaluation of public policies, public and private programmes and projects, research and analysis of data, dissemination and communication, development of territorial networks and vocational education for both public and private bodies; the study and development of analysis and forecast models for the design and implementation of public policies; development of models to measure the social economic impact, as well as the study and development of new models of active policies to meet the present and future economic and social needs and to overcome inequalities; support and advice to public and private entities operating in the same sectors and with the same purposes, also with the development and support of Public/Private partnership models for the management of interventions and the implementation of innovative policies; the publication and dissemination of studies and research on the topics mentioned above; cultural and advisory services to the public administration for institutional communication, organization of events and dissemination of public, work, training, inclusion and welfare, innovation and social cohesion policies; the promotion of territorial cooperation activities at a national and transnational level.

FGB srl has been involved as co-applicant, in European Solidarity Corps (from 2017 to 2019) in YFEJ 6.0 performing the following activities: support to the management with a special focus on financial aspects, monitoring activities, dissemination and communication activities.

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EURODESK Italy (IT)2021-09-06T09:14:08+00:00

Eurodesk is one of the most comprehensive and most accessible source of youth information about European opportunities. Thanks to the presence of on-field youth professionals (Eurodesk Multipliers) young people in Europe are regularly informed and encouraged to go abroad, learn another language, another culture and of course discover more about themselves.

Eurodesk is one of the official information networks of the Erasmus+ programme. As an increasing number of young people at local level is addressing Eurodesk Multipliers to search for job opportunities abroad, the cooperation with YfEj is therefore of strategic importance to provide young people a chance to use all the opportunities Europe can offer them. Eurodesk Italy has been partnering with ANPAL – EURES NCO Italy as associate organisation for the YfEJ 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 editions.

As a support organisation to Erasmus+, Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility, comprehensive and accessible to young people and those who work with them. With a network of national coordinators connected to over 1.000 local information providers in 36 European countries, Eurodesk raises awareness on learning mobility opportunities and encourages young people to become active citizens. Eurodesk is the main source of youth information on European policies, mobility information and opportunities. It answers enquiries and provides guidance for mobile young people across Europe. Eurodesk updates and manages content on the European Youth Portal, it also answers enquiries coming from the Portal.

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UNIROMA – Sapienza Università di Roma (IT)2021-04-20T15:19:26+00:00

With over 700 years of history, 113,000 students (around 9.000 international students), Sapienza is one of the oldest universities in the world and the second largest University in Europe. “Sapienza” University of Rome carries out the fundamental, primary, and closely related functions of scientific research and education, organising different kinds of higher education, counselling services, cultural and professional revision, master courses and specialised training, as well as other necessary and/or complementary activities. Sapienza promotes and favours the international dimension of study, teaching, and research activities. Joint degrees, international mobility of students and teaching staff, admission and education of foreign students are among the fundamental objectives of the University. Sapienza through its offices provides a variety of opportunities for current students and recent graduates to expand their educational horizons and gain work experience through a range of placement opportunities abroad. In the framework of the Yfej/Reactivate activities, Sapienza:

  • provided information about placement opportunities and career advice for students and graduates: Front Office Desk; newsletter and dedicated web page
  • organised targeted events and language trainings

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Associated Organizations

Croatian Employment Service/Hrvatski Zavod Za Zapošljavanje/EURES NCO (HR)2021-09-06T09:17:09+00:00

The Croatian EURES network operates through EURES offices in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Varaždin, with a total of 6 advisers providing EURES services. It has been foreseen to add additional 4 advisers and re-activate office Split in the course of 2020. The network is coordinated from the HZZ central office acting as the National Coordination Office for EURES nominated in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 589/2016 and consisted of two persons, Head of the NCO and Deputy Head of the NCO. It has been planned to raise the number to 5FTE in the near future. HZZ/EURES Croatia took part in 4 YfEj projects as a project partner (co-applicant) and one Reactivate project as an associate partner.

The Croatian Employment Service plays a leading role in the development of the Croatian labour market, particularly when it comes to balancing the total labour supply and demand aimed at increasing employment. The CES mission is: effective mediation in the labour market achieved by increasing the quality of service adjusted to the clients’ needs, along with the development of knowledge, skills and abilities of the CES employees and the promotion of cooperation of the labour market actors. CES priority functions include job mediation, vocational guidance, provision of financial support to unemployed persons, training for employment and employment preparation.

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EURES NCO MALTA (MT)2021-08-18T13:53:42+00:00

EURES Malta, provides services related to the mobility of workers by assisting both employers and workers. Services offered include recruitment assistance, matching services, advice and guidance, living and working information, targeted events, etc.

EURES Malta (within Jobsplus, Malta’s public employment services) have just joined the TMS project as an associate. Up to this point we did not offer any direct services related to targeted mobility schemes but promoted the scheme with our target groups.

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DWUP – Lower Silesian Regional Labour Office (PL)2021-09-06T09:18:02+00:00

It provides services in the field of international job placement as well as information on living and working conditions in the EU / EEA member states, identifying and preventing obstacles in the field of job mobility. The Lower Silesian Voivodeship Labor Office participates in the YfEj programme 6.0 as an associate organisation.

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Regional Labour Office in Olsztyn – Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Olsztynie (PL)2021-09-06T09:18:10+00:00

Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Olsztynie (WUP) is a part of Public Employment Services in Poland and a member of EURES network. WUP supports actively the mobility in EU providing EURES services.

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LANGUAGE LAB (IT)2023-02-03T08:06:23+00:00

Language Lab provides online language training. It offers intensive online language courses at all levels (A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1) aimed at job placement. Training courses aimed at obtaining Telc language certifications. Courses based on sectoral topics: nursing/health care assistance/education.

Language Lab participated to 3 Reactivate projects coordinated by Metropolitan City of Rome. In the last project LL became an associated recognized school. The training activities (2018-2020) are focused on the provision of intensive online German courses – level A1 A2 B1 B2 – addressed to candidates of the Pilot Project A.M.A.P. – selected for job placement in Germany.

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Unioncamere (IT)2021-09-06T09:19:18+00:00

Founded in 1901, Unioncamere (Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Agriculture) is a public institution whose task is to represent the general interests of Italian Chambers of Commerce in respect of all institutional stakeholders at local, regional, national and international levels, including business organizations, consumers and workers.

Among its functions, Unioncamere deals with activities for active labour policies and work-related learning initiatives. Unioncamere supports a widespread promotion of corporate culture, intervening in the guidance of young people from high school and university to direct them in their educational-professional choices and favour their transition towards the labour market, also through school-work alternation paths, internships and traineeships. Unioncamere participated in the previous editions of “Your first Eures job” project leaded by Anpal.

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Agenzia Regionale per il Lavoro dell’Emilia-Romagna (ARL E-R) (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:20:02+00:00

The “Agenzia Regionale per il Lavoro dell’Emilia-Romagna” (Employment Agency for the Region of Emilia-Romagna) is a public regional body in charge of:

• the management and qualification of employment services for Jobseeker and Employers, through the regional PES Network, following the national and regional policy guidelines

• provision of EURES service through EURES Adviser and EURES Assistant of the PES

• YfEj activities: Information, recruitment, matching, pre and post-placement support to both young people and employers

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Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:20:28+00:00

The Regione autonoma Friuli-Venezia Giulia – Direzione Lavoro-Servizio Politiche del Lavoro – interventi di politica attiva del lavoro, is he Public Regional body working on the active labour market policies and has in charge the EURES services, covering the entire regional territory. The regional network is fully involved in all the EURES major projects and initiatives, online and on site, whose the lead applicant is represented by the National NCO or implemented by the EC: YFEJ, REACTIVATE 35+, DROP’PIN@EURES, EOJD, EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS, EURES WEBSITE.

Moreover, the region FVG represents the Italian NCO at the European Commission working group on Apprenticeship and Traineeship (A&TWG) in Bruxelles.

The activities already performed through the YFEJ project are: pre-recruitment, matching and placement process for regular job and/or traineeship and/or apprenticeship, identification of potential employers, ensure the reliability of both the job vacancies and the employers, assist candidates and employers before, during and after recruitment, helping employers for the elaboration of tailor-made integration programmes, organise information sessions and promotional events addressed to jobseekers and employers, collection of success stories, engaging other stakeholders as local Universities of Trieste and Udine, promoting synergies for the project implementation.

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Regione Lazio (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:20:52+00:00

Its functions are regulated by the regional Statute and the Italian Constitution. The most important are: apply the rules included in the regional laws approved by the Council; prepare the program and plans for the administration of the Region; propose to the Council the multiannual regional budget; propose to the Council the annual budget, budget and final balance. It is also responsible for coordinating the regional offices (Departments), through the Assessors. It also deals with the regional coordination of EURES activity at regional level.

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Regione Marche (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:21:37+00:00

Marche Region is a Regional Public Administration established in 1974. Through national law 205/2017 (Legge di Stabilità), it acquired PES among its institutional functions and the Educational Training and Labour Department become directly responsible, since May 2018, of the 13 Regional Public Employment Services (PES). In each Employment Service is available an EURES Adviser, or one or more EURES Assistants. Marche Region has already taken part (directly or through its provincial departments) to the YfEj and Reactivate since the pilot projects.

For this specific project proposal, Marche Region participates with the above mentioned Unit, which is responsible for: identifying needs and trends of the regional job market; programming regional strategies in the field of vocational training and active labour market policies; managing the regional training and employment system; promoting employment and job quality policies; organizing and coordinating the training and employment territorial districts; monitoring results of training and employment policies.

Moreover, the Unit is managing the YEI in Marche region.

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Regione Piemonte (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:22:07+00:00

Piemonte Region has large experience in mobility schemes, provision of EURES services and transnational cooperation. It is the regional authority responsible for the management of PES services included EURES services. The main mission of the Regional Labour policies and strategies and PES supervision office is to promote active labour market policies and measures (ALMPs) to help young people to get a foothold in the labour market. To promote synergies with other European mobility programmes (e.g., Erasmus+). To implement promote and disseminate activities of the project; contribute to enhance and to capitalize project outputs; provide online information to target groups; to promote the project and enhance its visibility organizing job fairs (onsite/ online), recruitment days, mobility info sessions.

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Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:22:44+00:00

Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro is a public agency of Regione Piemonte. It has financial and accounting autonomy within the resources allocated from regional budget. APL collaborates to achieve the integration of employment policies, training and career guidance education and social policies with the policies of economic and social development. Main functions are: coordination of the public regional employment services; technical and operational support to Regione Piemonte and other public and private organisations; collaboration with Regione Piemonte in order to contribute to the development of the Employment Information System; support to European Social Fund planning and activities; participation in the implementation, promotion and dissemination of European projects. EURES APL provides services both to workers and employers. It took actively part in Your First EURES Job 4.0 and was associate partner in Your First EURES Job 5.0/6.0 and Reactivate projects. EURES APL was/ is also partner in Progress and Erasmus+ projects on job mobility.

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Regione Puglia (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:23:07+00:00

Regione Puglia is responsible for:

• the development of programmes and management of the services to individuals

• operational and administrative management of regional labour centres

• relations between employment and education, and unemployment policy

As for Reg. 589/2016, implementation the EURES services has been set up within the regional labour network of the PES (Public Employment Services, Labour Centres). PES is coordinated by the Regional Agency for Active Labour Policies (ARPAL Puglia). The Apulia EURES services (former Provincial EURES services based in the Province of Lecce) has joined the TMS pilot scheme since 2013 and actively implemented all the actions foreseen and planned for matching purposes in transnational mobility.

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Agenzia Sarda per le politiche attive del lavoro – ASPAL (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:23:39+00:00

ASPAL (Sardinian Agency for active labour policies) is a technical body of the Region endowed with legal personality, organizational, administrative, patrimonial and accounting autonomy and its own personnel. The functions and activities of ASPAL are carried out in accordance with the regional programming and the guidelines deliberated by the Regional Council. ASPAL plays a role of planning and coordination of the activities of the employment centres. Through the employment centres, ASPAL provides services for the integration or reintegration into employment of unemployed persons or persons at risk of unemployment.

The EURES contact points are within the Employment centres and provide information about YFEJ, Reactive and the main activities of EURES network.

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Agenzia del Lavoro di Trento (Italian EURES PES Member)2021-09-06T09:24:04+00:00

The Employment Agency of Trento provides public employment Services to jobseekers and companies based in the Trento province through 11 job centres. EURES is part of the employment services offered by the Agenzia del Lavoro di Trento. The Agency is associated partner of Reactivate and Eurodyssey programmes programmes since 2014.

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Capitale Lavoro S.p.A. (IT)2021-09-06T09:24:33+00:00

Capitale Lavoro S.p.A., fully owned by the Metropolitan City of Rome, is the in-house company of the CmRC. Capitale Lavoro supports the CmRC in the innovation and enhancement of services offered to citizens, providing specialized technical assistance. 

Capitale Lavoro S.p.A. has the main mission to provide specialised technical assistance to the Metropolitan City of Rome in the field of employment, training and human resources development, economic development and technological innovation (included data science, evaluation of policies, strategies and actions in the field). Capitale Lavoro has a European Jobmobility-Project Unit, in charge of planning and managing the EU mobility projects.

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