I am not an EU citizen, but I have a legal residence permit. Can I register on EURES TMS?2021-11-09T14:44:30+00:00

Yes, if you are:

  • aged at least 18
  • citizen and legally resident of EU member State, Iceland or Norway


  • EU long term resident [Council Directive 2003/109/CE]
How should I present my CV?2021-04-13T16:08:50+00:00

The EURES TMS project Platform adopts the Europass CV model. You must fill in all the sections of the CV in English, integrating all relevant information. We are asking you a general CV, with the maximum information possible, as this CV is the only tool we will have to understand who you are and to pre-select you for job/traineeship/apprenticeship vacancies.

Pay attention while filling in your contact details: we will use this information to reach you if your profile fits a job opportunity, so please make sure that it is updated!


How are candidates selected for a work-based placement?2021-04-13T16:10:38+00:00
  1. You can be contacted by a EURES TMS Adviser, if your professional profile is in line with a job/traineeship/apprenticeship offer submitted by an employer registered in the EURES-TMS project. In this case you will receive a request of authorisation to share your contact details and CV with the employer for which you are pre-selected. If you agree, the project Adviser will support you in the selection, placement and post-placement phases and in the procedures to apply for financial benefits available for you.
  2. You can apply yourself for a job/traineeship/apprenticeship position available in your dashboard within the project platform. In this case you have only give your authorisation to share your CV (and related personal information) with the employer offered the vacancy.
  3. You can search for job/traineeship/apprenticeships offers by consulting the vacancies published on EURES-TMS portal and reaching out to the designated Adviser.
  4. You can search for vacancies published in EURES Portal and contact one of the partners of the project or, alternatively, an Italian EURES Adviser.
  5. If you are in touch with an employer located in a Country covered by the EURES TMS project, different from your Country of residence, you can invite him/her to register in the platform: if the employer is eligible in the project, he/she will be assigned to and supported by a project Adviser.
How can I know if my CV has been taken into consideration for a job vacancy?2021-04-13T16:11:04+00:00

We normally analyse the CVs of all the candidates with a profile corresponding to a job vacancy and respecting all the requirements. Make sure that your CV is as complete as possible and up-date it often, in order to increase your possibilities to be pre-selected for a work-based placement.

If your CV is selected, you will receive a message from a Project Adviser asking for authorisation to forward it to the employer.

Does EURES TMS foresee additional services for people with special needs?2021-04-13T16:12:19+00:00

Yes, we can provide a supplementary trip allowance related to interview and / or relocation. If you have specific needs, please check this page and remember to specify your needs to your project Adviser who will contact you for a job/internship/apprenticeship opportunity.

I received an offer for job placement in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. Can I benefit from EURES TMS financial support?2021-04-13T16:13:29+00:00

If you are in touch with an employer located in a Country covered by the EURES TMS project, different from your Country of residence, you can invite him/her to register in the project: if the employer is eligible in the project, he/she will be assigned to and supported by a project Adviser.

You can contact a project partners or an Italian EURES Adviser  who will contact the employer to offer him/her the possibility to use EURES TMS services for their recruitment procedure. 

To make use of the project’s financial benefits, it is necessary to apply for them before doing an interview or language course or activating the recognition of the title/qualification or signing the work/training/apprenticeship contract.

Remember that you must also be registered on the platform

I saw a vacancy for a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland that suits my profile. What can I do?2021-04-13T16:14:36+00:00

You can contact a project partners or an Italian EURES Adviser  to point out the job vacancy. They will contact the employer to offer him/her the possibility to use EURES TMS services for their recruitment procedure.

Is it compulsory to speak a foreign language to participate and obtain a job?2021-04-13T16:15:10+00:00

The reply to this question is two-fold.

On the one hand, you must consider that the CV you have to create in the platform must be in English. It is important to write it in a good standard of English as the evaluation of your profile will be based on this information. Therefore, if you do not speak English, we suggest you seek for help.

On the other hand, the knowledge of English, or another foreign language, is not compulsory to participate in the project, nor is it always essential to obtain a work abroad. The importance of the language depends on the professional field. For some kind of jobs, an high level in a specific language is requested, while in other cases technical skills are more relevant.

However, in our experience, language knowledge is very often a requirement of a job vacancy, and in some countries, such as Germany, it is almost always compulsory.

Considering the relevance of language knowledge in professional mobility processes, EURES TMS provides specific support: covering part of the costs of language training courses for pre-selected or selected candidates and offering financial support to SMEs organizing language training for newly hired staff.

If I move with a dependent family member (consort, partner, child), can I get financial support for the family member’s relocation expenses?2021-04-13T16:15:44+00:00

Yes, if you move in the Country of destination with one family member (consort, partner, child), you can receive an additional financial support (a lump-sum depending on the country you are moving to) that can be provided just once, at the beginning of your new job/traineeship/apprenticeship, equal to the relocation allowance for each participant, on the basis of the Country you are moving to.

I have been selected for a job/traineeship/apprenticeship through the project and would like to improve my language skills, when should I start the course?2021-04-13T16:16:18+00:00

You can attend a language course:

  • right after the pre-selection, in your Country
  • after you have been relocated in another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland. In this case mind that you should start your language course within 2 months form the contract starting date. 

Please note: within the maximum budget foreseen for each candidate (2.200 euros), you can benefit from maximum 2 different courses, so long as the second course is different from the first one. So, if you have already benefited from a project contribution for a language course and you need to reach another level or improve the knowledge of another language spoken in the host country (as official language), you can apply for language course reimbursement once again.

Are all kind of traineeship eligible for the project?2021-04-13T16:16:43+00:00

Not all mobility experiences can receive the project support, please check the following conditions: 

  • the EURES TMS project supports work-based experiences, while educational ones are excluded
  • contracts must be in line with the Country of destination laws and compliant with the project quality standards
  • employer must pay your traineeship. Voluntary experiences are not eligible for EURES TMS project
I have found a job offer at an Organisation funded by the European Union: can I get project support?2021-05-21T15:11:42+00:00

Organisations whose budgets are mainly or exclusively financed by EU funds cannot participate in the project as employer.

I am a candidate looking for a cross-border job/apprenticeship/traineeship (in a neighbouring Member State). Can I benefit from the financial aid provided by EURES TMS?2022-02-21T10:58:42+00:00

Yes, EURES TMS provides services and financial benefits to transnational and cross-border workers selected and/or hired through the project. In case you are not going to change the residence in the neighboring country where the employer is based, it is possible to access all project benefits (recognition of qualifications, reimbursement for the language course, for the job interview, if the distance between your city and the site of the interview is more than 50 km, integration programme for trainees), excluding the relocation financial benefit.

If I move with a dependent family member (consort, partner, child) with special needs, can I get a supplementary financial support for him/her?2022-02-21T10:58:47+00:00

The supplementary allowance, helping those candidates cope with extraordinary expenditure when moving to another EU EFTA/EEA Country, such as candidates with disabilities, or facing special problems and need an additional economic support or coming from EU ETFA/EEA outermost regions, can only be claimed by jobseekers registered in the project platform. A family member can not claim the benefit for supplementary expenditure.

Which conditions exclude the submission of a relocation benefit request?2022-06-25T13:15:58+00:00
If the employer provides coverage for one or more costs similar to those supported by the EURES TMS relocation benefit ( i.e. transport, travel insurance, accommodation, meals, and all other sundries), whatever it may be (and whatever the amount), the requests for relocation (including family member) allowances is not eligible.
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