The Croatian EURES network operates through EURES offices in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Varaždin, with a total of 6 advisers providing EURES services. It has been foreseen to add additional 4 advisers and re-activate office Split in the course of 2020. The network is coordinated from the HZZ central office acting as the National Coordination Office for EURES nominated in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 589/2016 and consisted of two persons, Head of the NCO and Deputy Head of the NCO. It has been planned to raise the number to 5FTE in the near future. HZZ/EURES Croatia took part in 4 YfEj projects as a project partner (co-applicant) and one Reactivate project as an associate partner.

The Croatian Employment Service plays a leading role in the development of the Croatian labour market, particularly when it comes to balancing the total labour supply and demand aimed at increasing employment. The CES mission is: effective mediation in the labour market achieved by increasing the quality of service adjusted to the clients’ needs, along with the development of knowledge, skills and abilities of the CES employees and the promotion of cooperation of the labour market actors. CES priority functions include job mediation, vocational guidance, provision of financial support to unemployed persons, training for employment and employment preparation.

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