FGB-Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini srl is a research centre developing, applying and disseminating evidence-based policy design, delivery and evaluation at all governance levels, training and empowering skills and employment policies for people. 

FGB – Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini srl is a research centre inspired by the principles of Labour and social inclusion, welfare promotion, territorial cohesion, sustainability and technological innovation to boost economic growth, attention to the environment, access to employment through new skills, gender and cultural diversity and respect for fundamental human rights, participation for local development. FGB provides services and consultancy for the analysis and evaluation of public policies, public and private programmes and projects, research and analysis of data, dissemination and communication, development of territorial networks and vocational education for both public and private bodies; the study and development of analysis and forecast models for the design and implementation of public policies; development of models to measure the social economic impact, as well as the study and development of new models of active policies to meet the present and future economic and social needs and to overcome inequalities; support and advice to public and private entities operating in the same sectors and with the same purposes, also with the development and support of Public/Private partnership models for the management of interventions and the implementation of innovative policies; the publication and dissemination of studies and research on the topics mentioned above; cultural and advisory services to the public administration for institutional communication, organization of events and dissemination of public, work, training, inclusion and welfare, innovation and social cohesion policies; the promotion of territorial cooperation activities at a national and transnational level.

FGB srl has been involved as co-applicant, in European Solidarity Corps (from 2017 to 2019) in YFEJ 6.0 performing the following activities: support to the management with a special focus on financial aspects, monitoring activities, dissemination and communication activities.

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