The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital (CmRC) is a local authority created in 2014 to replace the Province of Rome (instituted on 15th October 1870).

The main institutional aims of the Metropolitan City of Rome are:

  • the care of the strategic development of the metropolitan territory
  • the promotion and integrated management of services, infrastructures and communication networks of interest to the metropolitan city
  • the care of institutional relations at its level, including those with European cities and metropolitan areas.

The Dept. V of the CmRC, carries out activities related to EU job-mobility since 2012.

Fostering a direct link between skills and the labour market has never been more imperative than in today’s highly skilled marketplace. To solidify this connection the Metropolitan City of Rome has been promoting a series of actions in three strategic areas: ensuring extensive guidance programs to support young and adults through their education and upskilling/reskilling paths; creating networks between the private sector, university and vocational training programs; mobility programs to enhance career opportunities, and internationalisation. Through its structures located in Rome and the whole metropolitan area, the Dept. V of the CmRC provides a wide range of services with the support of its fully owned agency Capitale Lavoro (the in-house providing company of the CmRC).

The highly flexible tool kit of services customized to an individual’s needs and the integration of service components allows for a nimble, responsive suite of service options that are truly client centric.

CmRC  has been partnering with ANPAL – EURES NCO Italy as coapplicant for the YfEJ 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 editions.

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