The Cyprus Department of Labour and EURES Cyprus has started its involvement in the YFEJ activities since 2015. Since then, EURES Cyprus has been involved in the YFEJ 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 under the Italian Consortium and in 2016 it was also involved as a partner in the German Consortium. Fulfilling our obligations under the above-mentioned projects we: 

  • provide information to target groups about services and financial benefits provided
  • produce information and promotion material
  • intermediate in the recruitment, matching and placement process as part of our EURES day to day services
  • organise workshop/seminars/presentations to various target groups
  • actively participate to consortium meetings
  • submit all necessary documentation, gather data and support the consortium leaders.

The Department of Labour, part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance of the Republic of Cyprus, is responsible for the issues of employment, including equality between men and women. 

The Public Employment Services of the Department of Labour engage in a variety of activities. Its main goal is to promote employment in Cyprus by contributing to the effective functioning of the Cyprus labour market through the provision of placement services, the filling of vacancies, the provision of vocational guidance to all its clients and the reference of job seekers to available training programmes and employment opportunities. Another main goal of the Department is the prevention of unemployment among vulnerable groups of people through the utilization of effective active employment labour measures (people with disabilities, welfare recipients, long term unemployed, ex-convicts etc.).

Under the authority of the Department of Labour and the PES operate the following European Networks: Euroguidance Network, European Employment Services (EURES) and the European Lifelong Learning Policy Network.

The Cyprus Department of Labour and EURES Cyprus NCO will be responsible for the dissemination of information, guidance and training of all EURES Advisers (PES and Partners) and will provide the necessary training and re-start of the services we are providing to jobseekers and employers based on the TMS. The EURES NCO will also plan and organise information days for Jobseekers, Students and Employers. The EURES Advisers will be responsible to guide and inform clients in the PES, while EURES Advisers at Partners Organisations will be ready and trained to provide all necessary “firsthand” information for interested clients. However, all prospective clients will be directed to a PES EURES adviser for further handling.

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