Gabriella Minuzzo

Quality of the training offered (summarizing the criteria and objectives of the training and supervision provided for in the Convention), certification of the experience and training acquired, integration programme offer, additional benefits, family and inclusive environment, willingness to accept vulnerable groups as trainees: these are the criteria that allowed Gabriella Minuzzo to be among the first winners of the TEmpL.

Gabriella Minuzzo’s winery produces 4000 bottles per year. She also runs a room rental with eight beds. The winery is located in the wonderful mountains of the Ayas Valley, in Valle d’Aosta, precisely in Challand-Saint-Victor. “We have a dual activity,” Gabriella tells us, “and for some years now we have been welcoming young people from Europe during the high season, and we have been offering them a traineeship. I learned about Your first EURES job project thanks to my husband who has another business and last year benefited from the many services provided by the EURES network. So, I contacted the EURES Adviser Marirosa Chiocca, who was of fundamental support and who immediately activated all the process to find a trainee to suit my company’s needs.”

We ask Gabriella what were the reasons which led her to undertake this path with an European trainee and what was the added value of the YfEj project: “We are a small business, where you can do and learn many different things. I needed someone who was willing to do a brief training experience, a young man or woman who could speak another language besides Italian, perhaps English, and who could support me in renting rooms or in the direct sale of the wine we produce.

The added value of a project like YfEj is represented firstly by this cultural exchange. Our family has always been open to this kind of experience, in particular with our children, who during their studies took part in European mobility projects such as Intercultura. Secondly, we think that it is an opportunity of cultural enrichment for us as well. A way to learn about cultures different from ours, get advice and experience a different point of view that helps us grow and improve as people and as a company.”

Inclusiveness, quality of training, equity, language learning support, and traineeship certification: Gabriella Minuzzo has fully embraced the principles of EURES and YfEj and for these reasons, she was nominated by her EURES Adviser Marirosa Chiocca to TEmpL. “For me and for my company it has been a great satisfaction and a great pride to receive this recognition. We put a lot of effort into making sure that the trainees who come to us and who are in their first work experience, learn as much as possible. As employers, we are committed to ensure a concrete quality of the traineeship. I intend to give great visibility to TEmpL and I will invite my colleagues to participate and find out the EURES program”.

In the end Gabriella highlights the importance of services and benefits provided by EURES, and how the expertise of the EURES Adviser has been of fundamental help. “A project,” she tells us, “which represents a great opportunity for both those who are looking for a job, a traineeship or an apprenticeship and for those who are looking for a person to train or hire as well. These programs are a great help and a great incentive for small business us ours.” We greet Gabriella and invite her to participate again in the new EURES TMS, to register on the new platform and we wish her to get the TEmpL again!

We support the mobility of young people around Europe and we have set the goal of bringing them here not only for the work experience itself, but also for the life experience and the knowledge they can get of our culture.


Employer: Gabriella Minuzzo

Company: Az. Agricola Gabriella Minuzzo

Located in: Challand-Saint-Victor (Valle d’Aosta)

Jobseeker hosted: Catarina, Trainee