1. You can be contacted by a EURES TMS Adviser, if your professional profile is in line with a job/traineeship/apprenticeship offer submitted by an employer registered in the EURES-TMS project. In this case you will receive a request of authorisation to share your contact details and CV with the employer for which you are pre-selected. If you agree, the project Adviser will support you in the selection, placement and post-placement phases and in the procedures to apply for financial benefits available for you.
  2. You can apply yourself for a job/traineeship/apprenticeship position available in your dashboard within the project platform. In this case you have only give your authorisation to share your CV (and related personal information) with the employer offered the vacancy.
  3. You can search for job/traineeship/apprenticeships offers by consulting the vacancies published on EURES-TMS portal and reaching out to the designated Adviser.
  4. You can search for vacancies published in EURES Portal and contact one of the partners of the project or, alternatively, an Italian EURES Adviser.
  5. If you are in touch with an employer located in a Country covered by the EURES TMS project, different from your Country of residence, you can invite him/her to register in the platform: if the employer is eligible in the project, he/she will be assigned to and supported by a project Adviser.