IEFP, IP is the Portuguese PES and its mission is to promote the creation and quality of employment and to tackle unemployment, through the implementation of ALM policies, including vocational training. IEFP, IP is the NCO in Portugal and has since 1993/94 been implementing EURES annual Activity Plans which have included specific activities and projects related to EU/EEA-mobility promotion, where Portugal is the main player. 

EURES Portugal has participated, as co-applicant, in the YfEj projects led by Sweden and by Italy and in the TMS project lead by Sweden, promoting its use, specially towards the unemployed (Portuguese, or living in Portugal) through the EURES Portugal website and the EURES Portugal social media accounts. It has also organized oriented workshops, info sessions and job day events for the particular target groups while delivering advisory services to jobseekers involved in EURES matching and recruitment activities on the possible financial supports available.

EURES Portugal main objectives: turning the European labour market more transparent, open and accessible to all, namely by identifying and suppressing the remaining formal obstacles to transnational and cross border mobility; promoting the placement of EU/EEA jobseekers, via workers’ transnational and/or cross border mobility; ensuring information and advice services on European labour markets situation and trends and European countries’ living and working conditions. 

EURES Portugal main activities are: transnational /cross border placement / recruitment activities, including job vacancy advertising / handling and pre-matching services; employment or mobility-related Job Fairs and other events; Jobseekers’ personalized info and 1st level advice on all aspects related to preparing a mobility project; employers’ specific advice on job profiles description and aspects to have into account in integration packages such as complementary supports to placement, selection/recruitment and integration; info & training sessions on EURES and mobility issues; info sharing on EU/EEA labour markets and most required skills in Europe.

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