The Dutch PES is responsible for free movement of workers, supported by EURES. This is a delegated responsibility from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. This means that PES has years of experience with the development, operation and evaluation of EURES projects. One of the national objectives of the PES is the support of older unemployed job seekers. The PES has many years of experience of supporting this target group: from 2013 job seekers over 55 are offered group trainings, schooling vouchers, tailor-made advice and more. As EURES the Netherlands is part of the Dutch PES the Dutch EURES advisers work together with their PES colleagues to actively support jobseekers over 55 finding work across the Dutch borders.

UWV Werkbedrijf – the Dutch PES: for employees with an occupational disability the Public Employment Service provides reimbursement for facilities. Jobseekers can turn to the Public Employment Service to apply for unemployment benefits or welfare benefits, in particular those who are disabled, over 56 years and those claiming unemployment or labour capacity benefits. Employers can turn to the Public Employment Service for help with publishing and filling vacancies and for dismissal permits and work permits where no residence permit is required. 

EURES the Netherlands is part of UWV Werkbedrijf. EURES is a European network whose purpose is to facilitate the right to free movement of workers. EURES’ clients are jobseekers, employees and employers who are interested in working or recruiting in another European country affiliated with the EURES network. The main focus of EURES the Netherlands is on the added value of the European labour market, i.e., placement and recruitment projects for Dutch job seekers and Dutch employers with hard to fill vacancies.

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