Total EU & EURES TMS: successful traineeships in Bruxelles

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city with a European and international character, home to the main institutions of the European Union. The European Commission, the European Council, and the European Parliament are all based in the city, attracting a large community of diplomats, public officials, and journalists.

The presence of this large number of people from all over the world, combined with the great variety of cultures and languages, gives Brussels a unique atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to live in an international environment. And the story we are telling you today begins in Brussels, where Alessio Pisanò founded his startup, Total EU, a young and innovative company dedicated to communication in all its forms, a reference point for those looking for creative and personalised solutions. Founded in 2020, the startup mainly offers news production and audiovisual material which is then distributed to press agencies, websites, and other international entities. Furthermore, with its headquarters in Brussels, Total EU maintains close contact with the most important European institutions on a daily basis.

The meeting with EURES TMS

Like all fast-growing startups, Total EU often needs to hire new employees to expand its team. And here comes into play the EURES TMS project, which allowed Alessio to host trainees specialised in different areas of communication, such as video editing to event coordination, news production and social media management.

“One of the most useful benefits of the EURES TMS project is the subsistance allowance, which is absolutely necessary for trainees to live in Bruxelles. This benefit, along with the relocation one, provides trainees with a sense of security and makes them feel supported. Moreover, the traineeship period allows me the necessary time to develop a relationship with them, and it helps me to understand their mindset and personality beyond their formal qualifications.”

EURES TMS, in fact, supports work-based traineeships, in line with the European Quality Framework for traineeships, and provides an additional contribution to the remuneration foreseen by the traineeship or apprenticeship contract – according to national regulations – when there is a proven disparity with the average remuneration provided to an employee with a comparable role. Unfortunately, there is no uniform legal framework in Europe for traineeships and contractual and working conditions may vary in terms of quality and support measures.

Not only benefits

Alessio expressed enthusiasm for the EURES TMS project as an entrepreneur and employer because it provided his startup with a rich pool of profiles of talented and motivated young people. “I value the opportunity to do an traineeship abroad inestimably. Allowing young people from all over Europe to meet new cultures, gain experience, and confront different ways of thinking is critical. A unique opportunity for personal growth. This type of experience allows you to develop your independence and flexibility while learning new skills, knowledge, and job-related abilities. Furthermore, working abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture, meet new people, and make new friends, expanding your global perspective and improving your language skills. A work placement abroad can really be a great added value to your curriculum and the opportunity for new career opportunities and enriching your professional background.”

As an entrepreneur, Alessio says, “By promoting these projects, we can encourage more young people to take advantage of the available benefits and contribute to creating a diverse and dynamic workforce throughout Europe.”

We are grateful to Alessio for sharing his valuable experience with us and we hope that reading his story will inspire many other startups and companies!

By promoting these projects, we can encourage more young people to take advantage of the available benefits and contribute to creating a diverse and dynamic workforce throughout Europe.