Eveline’s adventure with EURES TMS

Eveline Ematchoua Wako, a pharmacist originally from Cameroon, lived in Rome for 10 years before embarking on a new professional journey in France. After graduating from the University of Tor Vergata, she worked in the Italian capital for two years before finding a job opportunity through social networks, specifically on a Facebook group. In this interview, Eveline shared her experience and the life path that led her to work in the eastern part of France.

Educational path and choosing pharmacy studies

“Initially, I was interested in nursing sciences, but in the end, I opted for pharmacy studies after not being able to get into the university in the first round for nursing sciences. My passion for medicine and the desire to work with the public led me to embark on this second path.” Her family has a tradition in the field, with her brother also being a pharmacist working in Paris. Besides work, Eveline nurtures a passion for travel and meeting new people, motivations that drove her to seek opportunities outside Italy.


The decision to move to France was influenced by an announcement on a Facebook group seeking pharmaceutical professionals with French language skills. Six months after the initial contact, Eveline moved to France. Initially contacted by Pole Emploi, a French partner of EURES TMS, Eveline then began the registration process on the EURES TMS platform guided by Serafino Perri. She benefited from financial support for the transfer and recognition of her academic credentials. These benefits she considers fundamental and very useful, especially in the initial phase of the transfer when support can be decisive.

Evaluation of the experience with EURES TMS

Eveline describes the experience in three words: “useful, advantageous, and key.” During the interview, she emphasized the importance of financial support in overcoming initial challenges and even assigned a rating: of 9 out of 10! “Despite the initial challenges, I have settled well into the pharmacy where I work. The job has been an opportunity to reclaim my French, my mother tongue. I am happy with the choice I made and have no regrets.”

Eveline’s adventure is an example of how EURES TMS can be a key resource for those seeking opportunities beyond their own boundaries, both personal and geographical. Her testimony is an encouragement to step out of one’s comfort zone, embrace new challenges, and grow professionally.

The job has been an opportunity to reclaim my French, my mother tongue. I am happy with the choice I made and have no regrets.”


European mobile worker: Eveline

From: Rome, Italy

Currently engaged in: France

Contract: Job