Francesco Malaspina | Associazione Joint

We’re back with a new interview with one of the employers registered on the EURES TMS platform. This time we’re heading to Italy, more specifically to Milan, an Italian city located in the Lombardy region, considered the country’s economic capital and known for fashion, design, finance, and culture.

Francesco Malaspina is the founder of Associazione Joint, a social promotion organization based in Milan that promotes international volunteering mobility. The association provides young people with “learning opportunities in non-formal contexts through international experiences, such as volunteering, exchanges, and traineeships abroad.” For almost ten years now, Francesco has managed and worked full-time in the association, managing both administrative and communication tasks.

Francesco tells us about his experience with European mobility projects: “Over the years, Associazione Joint has collaborated with various European projects, including EURES TMS. As an organization, we discovered the project through the Internet. We also had a positive experience with the previous project (YFEJ), which we found to be very good, so we decided to continue.”

Three trainees from Spain, Greece, and Poland have arrived in Milan!

Over the last two years, Associazione Joint has hired three trainees who have benefited from the services and benefits offered by the project. “The traineeship experiences provided by EURES TMS were always interesting and unique.” We have welcomed three young people from Spain, Greece, and Poland in the last two years. I am delighted to share our experience with Ana Laura Herrero Rodriguez. Ana is a young Spanish girl who came to see how an organization like ours works in order to start a similar activity in her home country. It is important to us to be an inspiration to European youth.”

Youth, meetings, and networking:

“When it comes to international mobility in the context of volunteering, we believe it is critical to include boys and girls from all over Europe in our team – people who have personally dealt with migration. The processes and challenges of those who come from other countries to work with us or volunteer become a source of sharing and bidirectional growth.

And again, speaking of traineeship: “Traineeships represent an excellent opportunity for both young people and our organization. The EURES TMS project is essential because, through the benefits it offers, such as financial support for the interview, facing transfer expenses, and the integration program, it reduces the costs that both parties must bear. A traineeship abroad is an exceptional test for young people because it allows them to understand themselves better while also developing intercultural integration, flexibility, and adaptation skills.

We say goodbye to Francesco Malaspina and conclude the interview with his advice to all employers: “I highly recommend welcoming people from different cultural backgrounds into work teams. This approach brings a diversity of vision, value, change, and innovation. According to our experience, opening up to Europe has brought international collaborations, significant partnerships with other countries, and networking. Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Thanks to Francesco Malaspina for his valuable testimony, which we hope will inspire all the realities looking for people to enrich and grow their teams!

A traineeship abroad is an exceptional test for young people because it allows them to better understand themselves while also developing intercultural integration, flexibility, and adaptation skills.