Paolo Sospiro and the commitment to a sustainable and inclusive Europe

EU About and EU Innova: evolving organizations

Paolo Sospiro, and his organization EU About, were awarded the Top EURES Employer Label 2022 (TEmpL) in recognition of his commitment demonstrated throughout the journey with Daniele Bregoli and his strong passion for workforce mobility. We contacted Paolo in the past few days, for a brief interview. We first asked him about his company’s history and how it came to be.

“EU About is a non-profit company based in Belgium that supports local authorities and small to medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Over the years, EU About has grown and evolved into a think tank. We publish numerous research papers in international scientific journals, and currently, our main focus is on digital transition and any issues related to sustainability. On the other hand, EU Innova, a division of EU About that was established in 2017 and operative since 2022, is the organisation that offers services to companies.”. 

Digital and green transition for growth

“Our main focus is on understanding how to improve living conditions and well-being in Europe. We take part in European, national, and regional tenders and competitions to achieve this goal. Our mission is to use digitization to help our clients to improve their sustainability plans. I completely believe that the digital and green transition will bring more work, business expansion, and improved well-being to Europe.”.

Paolo tells us about his personal experience during the interview. He was born in Ethiopia and then moved to Italy as a child. In 2003, he moved to Brussels, where he still lives today. He studied in Ancona and obtained a Ph.D. in Florence, where he is now a professor of applied economics and industrial economics. Paolo emphasises the value of offering traineeship opportunities to young people: “Traineeships have a crucial role because they are first real job experiences. Therefore, it is important to provide people who are finishing their studies or have just finished them with real opportunities.”.

EURES TMS project

“I took part in the previous project (YfEj e.d.). As a strong supporter of Europe, I believe that EURES TMS is an important project as it facilitates mobility across European countries and greatly supports the increase in European mobility.”

Paolo also mentions Sabina Riatti, the EURES TMS Adviser who followed EU About throughout the process: “Sabina, the EURES Adviser I had the pleasure of working on different training programmes over the years, was crucial in our path. Sabina is a sensitive and highly qualified professional and we were really grateful for the assistance she gave to our company.”

Traineeships and apprenticeships

“The structure of EU About is unusual. As a company, we draft extensive research and we engage in policy analysis to help SMEs and companies align with European policies. However, we are not just project designers, we look for people who can grow our business.”

This is where EURES TMS comes into play: “The support provided by EURES TMS project through its services has been fundamental. The benefits are indispensable because they give jobseekers strong motivation and resources to pursue a career. This was Daniele’s case. He started with a six-month traineeship during which we recognised his value and potential. Due to this, we decided to offer him the opportunity to advance in his career and then hire him. That’s our approach.”

Receiving the TEmpL

Paolo is delighted to get the TEmpL and highlights the value of such initiatives as powerful motivators: “It was amazing news! We were not aware of the prize, so it was a wonderful surprise. These awards serve as inspiring factors since they encourage employers to perform above and beyond.”

The importance of contribution from each individual

“Everyone can contribute, even in small ways, to make the world a better place,” Paolo states. “Our organisation is creating a more inclusive and sustainable Europe. We encourage our trainees and apprentices to develop a strong sense of belonging to the European Union, and above all, we emphasises the value of being open to change,” he continues. “We are sure that people who collaborate with us will go home more knowledgeable and ready to share their personal experiences, fostering a sense of belonging.”

As we say goodbye to Paolo, we would like to express our thanks to him for the time he has dedicated to the interview, and we wish that many young people can be part of their corporate project.

Traineeships have a crucial role because they are first real job experiences. Therefore, it is important to provide people who are finishing their studies or have just finished them with real opportunities.


Paolo Sospiro