EURES TMS: guarantee of quality

We had the pleasure to speak with Virginia Enssle, project and policy coordinator at the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, to learn more about their involvement with the EURES TMS project and hiring experience.

Virginia Enssle works for a company based in Brussels. As a non-profit organisation, it advocates for fair and sustainable trade structures that promote human potential and dignity, facilitates knowledge-sharing on Fair Trade policies and practices, and leads advocacy work on EU legislation, policies, and their implementation. When Virginia joined FTAO, the collaboration with the had already been in place since 2020. Virginia’s awareness of EURES services and interest in international mobility led her to discover the EURES TMS project.

Four vacancies, four traineeships:

“We posted four vacancies for trainees via EURES TMS and always found qualified candidates. The collaboration with EURES TMS has benefited us because we were able to access a large pool of candidates, allowing us to hire trainees who brought unique perspectives and experiences to our team.”

The importance of EURES TMS Adviser

“Bernadette Greco, the EURES TMS Adviser, has been extremely helpful in navigating the various EURES TMS requirements. very supportive and responsive, providing guides and sending instructions promptly.”

Focus on careers and growth

“Our organization focuses on providing trainees with valuable skills that can help them grow and develop their careers. We also work to support candidates who apply for our traineeship positions, helping them to acquire new skills and knowledge.” In today’s increasingly interconnected world, having international experience can be a significant advantage for young jobseekers looking to stand out in a competitive job market. “Living in a foreign country allows you to immerse yourself in a different culture, learn a new language, and meet people from diverse backgrounds.”

Focus on the integration program

As an employer, FTAO has benefited from the integration program provided by EURES TMS. The project provides mobile workers, trainees, and apprentices with a financial contribution for an Integration Programme. To be eligible, the training program must start within the first three weeks of employment and be designed to achieve the participant’s expected learning outcomes.

The amount of contribution depends on the number of modules in the program and the country in which the organization is based. Moreover, the jobseekers are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire confirming the quality of the training.

Guarantee of quality

“I recommended the EURES TMS project to other organizations looking for quality candidates, citing the project as a guarantee of quality for the profiles they seek.”

EURES TMS toward the future!

“We appreciate your support in enabling us to provide high-quality traineeships for candidates. We feel more confident offering the position because of the benefits provided by the project. Thank you, we hope this project will continue for many years.”

I recommended the EURES TMS project to other organizations looking for quality candidates, citing the project as a guarantee of quality for the profiles they seek.