Studio Grotta Nuova

Studio Grotta Nuova is the art atelier of FOS (Thomas Poulsen), an internationally acclaimed artist known for the particularity of his work that explores the crossroads of art and design. The studio is located in Copenhagen, the capital and most populous city of Denmark.

A curiosity about Copenhagen

Copenhagen is considered one of the cities with the best salary/cost of living ratio, and it is nominated as the happiest city in Europe due to the standard of living, one of the best in the world, with a satisfaction rate that reaches 97 percent. The Municipality has an Office in charge of promoting the city’s public life, focusing on the human dimension and social conditions.

TEmpL 2021 winner: the quality criteria

The story we would like to tell you today is about Studio Grotta Nuova and Davide Ronco, a young Italian artist. The positive experience of this traineeship was noticed by the EURES Advisers who followed the entire path (Miriam Del Bianco and Alessia Vetere). They verified which many quality criteria had been met and nominated Studio Grotta Nuova to win the TEmpL 2021.

The criteria reached were:

  • the quality of the training offer;
  • a sum higher than the compensation provided by EURES FVG Traineeship Agreement;
  • the maximum duration of six months;
  • certification of experience and training provided;
  • integration programme

Studio Grotta Nuova and EURES TMS project

Let’s go back to our interview and let’s start our story by introducing Katja Fabrin, manager and delegate of the employer, who took care of the registration on the EURES TMS platform and the hiring of Davide as a trainee. We sat down for an online interview with Katja. As a first question, we ask her about her work and the company she works for: “I work as a studio manager for a Danish artist named FOS. Being a studio manager entails overseeing all administrative aspects, contracts, and employees, as well as ensuring that all projects are completed on time and on budget.” Then we asked her how she got in contact with EURES TMS: “Davide Ronco contacted us and presented us this programme.” As a result, the trainee was the one who introduced Studio Grotta Nuova to EURES TMS. In fact, one of the five possible approaches to the programme is to invite your employer to register on the EURES TMS platform. Then, an Adviser will walk him through the entire process, from registration to recruitment.

The experience with Davide

Katja said about her experience with Davide: “We were very happy for all he has done, it was very easy to work with him and he was well informed about all the EURES TMS services. He helped us a lot! So far, the traineeship with Davide has been nothing but positive.” And about Davide’s work: “Davide worked on various ceramic projects (sculpture). He also followed minor projects, experimenting with various materials and forms. He is a real artist.”

Traineeship means…

At last, we asked Katja if she thought it was important to hire young people for traineeship: “FOS believes how important it is to give something back, especially because he has been a trainee too when he was younger, and he really wants to inspire new young artists. We are very happy that we had a good traineeship with Davide. In the future, when we have new trainees to hire, we can use the label to show that we provided a high-quality traineeship”.

We would like to thank Katja for her availability, and we look forward to hear more similar stories. And what about you? Have you ever heard of TEmpL – Top EURES Employer Label? We launched this Label in the past years, a label recognizing the companies that meet the EURES TMS quality criteria.

Don’t miss this opportunity and be part of the EURES TMS project!

We are very happy that we had a good traineeship with Davide. In the future, when we have new trainees to hire, we can use the label to show that we provided a high-quality traineeship.


art studio

Employer: FOS

Company: Studio Grotta Nuova

Located in: Copenahgen (Denmark)

Jobseeker hosted: Davide Ronco, Trainee